How Liberal Pseudo-Kindness is Killing America

In 1998, anthropologist Dr. Joseph Bastien, author of The Kiss of Death: Chagas’ Disease in the Americas, wrote:

Chagas Disease is brought directly from Mexico and Latin America where it has infected over 18,000,000 people. The T-Cruzi protozoan destroys heart tissue and other organs. One can contract it by eating uncooked food contaminated with infective feces of the Vinchuca Bug. It crosses over the border in the bodies of an average of 2,200 illegal aliens daily.

Fifteen years later, the current ploy is to portray the millions of illegals who have come here as heroes and, to the detriment of the nation’s citizenry, reward them with taxpayer-funded perks.  While that way of thinking is foolish enough, what is worse is ignoring the fact that illegals are oftentimes carriers of infectious diseases.  Liberal politicians should stop pussyfooting around and just mandate Americans to accept the just reward of state-sanctioned suicide by licking a Petri dish infected with the SARS virus.

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The truth is that the insanity of power-hungry ideologues such as DREAM Act-proponent Barack Obama is so great that America might as well be paying for axe-swinging lessons for the executioner planning to serve up our heads on a tray.  Better yet, while we’re at it, why not purchase the axe, and sharpen it too?

Remarkably, for those on the left, it is simply not enough for the American people to just be exposed to disease-carrying produce handlers, hotel staff, food service workers, or worse yet, have our children coughed on in public schools by illegal immigrant youngsters with transmissible illnesses.  The newest effort is to bully the American taxpayer into paying for college tuition, entitlement benefits, and free healthcare for those who, 150 years ago, would have been summarily deported.

In fact, liberals have proven to be so dedicated to Barack Obama’s DREAM of a healthcare system that is insolvent, socialized, and subpar that the senate voted 43-56 against legislation barring illegal immigrants about to be granted amnesty from receiving free healthcare.

In other words, not only has the left all but done away with legal immigration, they’ve also invited those infected with life-threatening diseases to breathe all over Americans in doctor’s offices and clinics, and to occupy limited bed space in already-overcrowded hospital wards.  With liberals in charge, Americans might as well send a message to al-Qaeda to not waste time conjuring up bio-terror delivery systems, because the Democrat Party, led by Barack Obama, is fostering a nightmarish contagion scenario that 200 years of careful immigration control has tried desperately to prevent.

Yet liberals press on with placing the blame on the descendants of White European settlers for killing off Native Americans with infectious diseases and invading their land. As a result, docility has taken root amongst those too guilt-ridden to recognize that the accusers are conjuring up a similar fate for them.

Meanwhile, the irony is that while Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts beat Americans into submission with a poor-illegal-immigrant club, they’re cultivating circumstances so dire for the vulnerable people of this nation that in short order there will be nothing left to lay claim to.

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