Left Cries Wolf on Racism…what else is new

Justice ScaliaJustice Antonin Scalia is being called a racist for stating the obvious. There are no impediments to voting, and thus the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is no longer necessary. Liberals know that this act is being prostituted by every black political pimp in the country. Cities are being sued for being “too white,” when these cities have no race restrictions. And if that’s the case, can a city be “too black.”

In the last two presidential elections, black people voted in record numbers, some claiming openly to have voted more than once. In 59 voting districts in PA, Mitt Romney received 0 votes, a statistically anomaly equivalent to winning the powerball three times in a row.

The objective of the Voting Rights Act was to insure that everyone got a chance to vote legally. If there were any violation of that act it was by black Liberals against Mitt Romney.

Liberals love to have their cake and to eat it too, and when it comes to matters like this, the race card is the worn like a dashiki. I applaud Scalia for recognizing nonsense. And it’s time America reward warriors of virtue, then stand up to such nonsense as well.

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