Major Networks Mostly Silent on Abortion Doc Born Alive Baby Murders

ABC, CBS, and NBC remain nearly mute on the Dr. Kermit Gosnell murder trial.

By Tami Jackson

Dr. Gosnell is charged with the horrific murder of 7 babies born alive in his shabby abortion clinic in Philadelphia.

New York Times columnist, Jon Hurdle writes:

…prosecutors charged that a doctor who operated a women’s health clinic here killed seven viable fetuses by plunging scissors into their necks and “snipping” their spinal cords and was also responsible for the death of a pregnant woman in his care.

Further in Mr. Hurdle’s NYT piece:

One of the prosecutors, Joanne Pescatore, an assistant district attorney, told the court that Dr. Gosnell routinely performed illegal late-term abortions, killing the seven fetuses in operations that would have caused the infants pain.

“If the baby is alive and you don’t want it to be, that doesn’t mean you have the right to take a pair of scissors and plunge it into the baby’s neck,” Ms. Pescatore told the jury during opening arguments of a trial that is expected to continue for four to six weeks.

CBS news correspondant, Elaine Quijano, reported:

Gosnell’s abortion facility “has been described as house of horrors.” She also reported that an “adult victim…41-year-old Carnamaya Mongar…died in 2009 after receiving an overdose of anesthesia….Photos from inside the clinic, visited mostly by minority and immigrant women, show unsanitary, squalid conditions with jars and bags of aborted fetuses.”

Of course Dr. Gosnell’s lawyer described the abortionist as “dedicated to treating the poor” and had the gall to suggest that

“It’s an elitist, racist prosecution,” Mr. McMahon said. “This black man is being taken because of who he is and where he works.”

Why isn’t this on every network front and center? Gosnell’s murder of these already born infants is so gruesome and incomprehensible, and yet most of MSM is silent or burying the article (re NYT page A-17) in an effort to appease journalistic credos. Do these reporters not comprehend that seven precious babies, tiny and innocent, were savagely murdered in an egregiously painful way?

How tragic that even hardened, lefty journalists don’t own enough empathy and human decency to decry these murders: this doctor’s name should be an anathema.

This was a choice made to violently murder 7 babies–born and breathing. Dr. Gosnell could face the death penalty if found guilty. Sadly, the death penalty seems far too lenient as punishment for such barbarism.

And what repercussions for the media outlets guilty of turning their backs on justice for 7 precious babies?



h/t Breitbart’s John Nolte.

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