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Anti-Gun Guy Buys a GUN!

Mark KellyMark Kelly, former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s husband is a lying scoundrel and a hypocrite. He recently purchased an AR-15, and was excited to own one. He now claims that his glee over the AR-15 was an excited utterance, and he intended to hand over the weapon to the Tucson police department with his warm, live hands.

Just so this is clear in your minds, Kelly said he was going to purchase a weapon for over $1,000, along with the .45 he was there to buy for sure. Then he was going to turn over the sexy, sleek, powerful black personal defense weapon, but keep the puny .45.

If you believe that, then you might believe that rattlesnakes make good house pets.

Kelly is on the long list of disingenuous Liberal hypocrites who want something for you, that doesn’t apply to them. When Liberals get caught doing what it is they don’t want you to do, they always have a reason, and of course…it’s for YOUR benefit they were doing what they want YOU not to do.

It never seems to dawn on Liberals that WE ARE RIGHT and they are wrong. The purchase of the AR-15 notwithstanding, Kelly, the ANTI-GUN GUY was BUYING A .45! Last time I checked, that is a gun.

Kelly should own up to the idea that he feels better, yes SAFER with a handgun. Never again should some crazed LIBERAL (the shooter of Gifford was a Democrat) accost him or his wife, without him being able to shoot the perpetrator.


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