Michelle Obama – Angry at Her Success?

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Aside from the fact that media-hype glamor queen (NOT!) Michelle Obama looks like she freshly rolled out of bed to take the podium, Michelle seems to work hard to appear amazingly “ordinary.” In what we’ve come to expect from Michelle Obama when she speaks to “friendly” audiences, i.e. she doesn’t feel the need to be First Lady-like, she speaks as if she is angry. And she is.

Michelle Obama is angry at her SUCCESS. Actually she is angry that those who eat cake–the little people–would question her success.

Michelle Obama is angry at is how she obtained “success,” and the idea that true Americans know fake success versus real success. Like her husband, Michelle Obama doesn’t want to admin that America is the greatest country in the world, a country that made her First Lady. She likely can’t rationalize demonizing the country that would allow two frauds to ascend so highly. What a conundrum.

Further, instead of extolling the virtues of America–the land of opportunity–Michelle Obama appears to rationalize why she and Barack Obama should be able to STEAL from taxpayers and USE people to get ahead.

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