Michelle Obama has better credit than America!

Would it surprise you to learn that Michelle Obama has MUCH better credit than AMERICA!?

“For the first time in my adult life, I have better credit than a white woman!”

Barack says he will get to the bottom of this. He’s mad that people have found out that the Obama’s run their finances MUCH better than he runs the nation’s finances. Yes, the Obamas run a surplus, as the nation is spending itself into oblivion. America’s credit rating goes further into the toilet daily, but guess who’s living large?

I’m happy that the black folks who elected Black Camelot will get to see that the Obamas–the elite blacks–are living a very different life than they are. While the black idiots who elected Obama TWICE have their electric bills in their kids’ names, the Obamas are living a very different life. No EBT cards for their daughters.

What the hackers should have done is show the Obamas THEN and NOW.

Politics is profitable.

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