Mommy Lobby to Boycott Victoria’s Secret Stores

Eleven days ago The Black Sphere writer, Amy Gerwing, wrote “Victoria’s Secret is coming for your Middle Schooler” which detailed the retailers over-the-top ad campaign “Bright Young Things” which targeted young teens and pre-teens.

Amy penned:

Victoria’s Secret is ready to sacrifice our daughters’ innocence, compress their childhood, and devalue their self-worth all for the purpose of bolstering their bottom line.

Since then a virtual firestorm  of justified outrage has occurred as parents everywhere defend the innocence and childhood of their young girls.

One organization, The Mommy Lobby, is encouraging their more than 50K members to walk the walk and head to their local Victoria’s Secret store and respectfully, quietly protest.




The Mommy Lobby site states:

The Mommy Lobby is made up of the most powerful groups in America:  The American mom.

We wipe tears, noses and behinds. We kiss boo-boos and paddle behinds.  Feed, bathe, nurture, love and care for the “babies” we are blessed to be raising (and yes, they will ALWAYS be our babies!).

The tenets The Mommy Lobby hold to:

Adhering to the Constitution of the United States and the Rule of Law

Individual liberty, limited government

Strong national security

Religious freedom

Family is the backbone of society

Living within our means, both individually and as a society

Caring for those who cannot truly care for themselves

Providing a temporary safety net for those who have fallen on hard times

Personal responsibility and appreciation for what you have not envy of what you don’t

Hard work, self-determination and independence

Sounds like timeless, traditional family values–the same values which undergirded a great nation. America, and in fact all nations and societies, will be judged on the path to either melioration or decline by the manner in which they value and safeguard their children and their most helpless members.

As John Adams wisely surmised, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”


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