Obama BOOED and you’ll never guess where

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston TexansObama was BOOED when his mug was shown on the Jumbotron at Saturday’s Elite 8 game. The BIG part of this story is the location of the game. Syracuse was playing Marquette at the Verizon Center in…WASHINGTON, DC!

Yes, the denizens of Chocolate City may have turned on their black messiah, who has given all of America the “Hershey squirts.” I mean, all this great job news couldn’t possibly be why they booed. Who am I kidding, black people in DC can’t afford a ticket to March Madness. That had to be a racist white audience who booed Obama, right?

There could be other reasons, however. While resting from golf and planning his March Madness schedule, Obama had picked his bracket before heading to Israel and the Middle East to broker world peace. It has been theorized that Obama was booed because he picked Georgetown–a big Syracuse rival–in his brackets. To add insult to injury, Obama picked Indiana to go all the way, and of course they lost. Too bad he didn’t have his campaign “ground team” to keep score.


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