Obama names black education czar to reduce ‘resegregation’

Well, folks, there’s yet another Czar in the White House.  This one’s duties, among other things, is to “reduce racial isolation and re-segregation of elementary and secondary schools.”  Did ya get that?  Again, “… to reduce racial isolation and re-segregation …”  Let’s dissect that for a second.

Know why there’s “racial isolation” and why so many public schools have slowly become “re-segregated” naturally, all on their own over time?  Because the public school systems F*G SUCK, and because all the hard working parents of white kids have, for a few decades already, been homeschooling their kids, or have been working two jobs to send their kids to private and parochial schools!  If public schools are racially isolated and re-segregated it’s because the Democratic Party built that!  Nothing like union teachers and union custodians, with a little help from communisty organizers, and indoctrination over education, to destroy public schools, now is there?

This new position is part of Obeyme’s executive order last year “to help ensure that all African Americans receive an education that properly prepares them for college, productive careers, and satisfying lives.”  Read that again:  “… to help ensure … ” Let’s dissect that for a second.

Know what that means in Obeyme ebonicspeak?  That means more affirmative action, more blacks being chosen because of their skin color over white students, that means lowering the standards so more black students can pass.  And there is NO OTHER explanation for what that means.

What NEEDS to be done is the complete dismantling of the Department of Education, the removal of waste, fraud and union corruption in the public school systems, return all facets of our kids’ educations to the cities and towns where they live and where their parents have eyes-on oversight of all facets of their schools, including curriculum and events, where teachers and school districts are accountable to the states.  Then, a White Education Czar will have better luck getting white kids back into the public schools.

Obama Names Black Education Czar to Reduce “Resegregation”

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