Obama Stones Easter Bunny

Black SmokeIt seems that Obama uses the “womens and chirrens” and the military when he needs them, then he is the first to penalize them when he doesn’t get his way. America may witness its very first stoning of a Christian, as the White House lawn may be stained with the blood of the Easter bunny. It appears that a Fatwa has been issued against on Easter, as Obama says sequestration may cancel the Easter egg hunt.

And you people think that Obama only PLAYS Satan on The History Channel?

America has been leaderless for over 4 years, and nothing has changed. While most people in 4 years could have learned a new language or how to play an instrument, Obama is still learning the alphabet and America suffers for it.

What Obama will soon find out is that the American Spirit is ordained by God, and his temper tantrums only strengthen our resolve.




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