Obama Targets FedEx & UPS…for Being Successful

Going-PostalSince the USPS, aka the post office can’t compete with the private sector, it’s the responsibility of the Fed to apply pressure. This is why the Obama administration is demanding the nation’s two biggest shipping companies examine the contents of Americans’ sealed packages. Put another way, transparency applies to you and your packages.

The Fed says this requirement is due to prescription drugs being shipped illegally. But the truth is, the Fed hasn’t figured out how to profit from this themselves, so until they do, the private sector must pay. And this is why  FedEx and UPS are in the cross-hairs of the Eric Holder’s Justice Department, who could file criminal charges against the carriers, though there are only allegations of wrongdoing, and not deliberately so.


FedEx spokesman Patrick Fitzgerald said “What is unusual and really disturbing is it became clear to us along the way that FedEx was being targeted for some level criminal activity as it relates to these medicines that are being shipped from pharmacies, and we find it to be completely absurd because it’s really not our role,” Fitzgerald said. “We have no way of knowing what is legal and not within the packages that we’re picking up and delivering in this situation.”

“At the heart of the investigation are sealed packages that are being sent by, as far as we can tell, licensed pharmacies. These are medicines with legal prescriptions written by licensed physicians. So it’s difficult for us to understand where we would have some role in this. We are a transportation company that picks up and delivers close to 10 million packages every day. They are sealed packages, so we have no way of knowing specifically what’s inside and we have no interest in violating the privacy rights of our customers,” Fitzgerald said.

Make no mistake about it, the rules for Fed-Ex and UPS don’t apply to USPS. Government is the biggest drug dealer and they won’t allow anybody on their turf, knowingly or otherwise.



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