ObamaCare presents Soylent Green Y2K13

Government is making odds on your life, and your life depends on it. Score too high, and it’s Soylent Green. Make no mistake about it, this is the precursor to healthcare rationing, but we can see the lipstick on this pig.

Federal grants from the National Institute on Aging and the American Federation for Aging Research helped pay for researchers at the University of California San Francisco’s “mortality index.” They say it’s for preventive intervention for older patients, but that’s like saying no legs prevent running!

According to the report, the index assign points to an elderly patient based on 12 measures by their doctor. The lower the patient’s total points, the better his or her odds of survival. The highest score, 26 points, represents a 95-percent chance the patient will die within 10 years.

For us fellas, the index assigns 2 points automatically because men on the average have a lower life expectancy than women, the study noted. I don’t even want to know what black men scored. {This comment approved by Kevin Jackson…he is authentically black}

Men and women aged between 60 and 64 get 1 point; ages 70 and 74 get 3 points, while 85 or over get 7 points.

Other points were awarded should you have “pre-existing conditions,” such as cancer, lung disease, and so on. The more your ailments, the more chance you become Soylent Green.

And if you are overweight, too heavy for Michelle Obama’s Fat Farms, well learn these two words…Soylent Green.

This is for your own good, because Obama said so. We passed the bill to see what’s in the bill, and we got the bill.


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