Graham, McCain Blast Paul Filibuster

If there were ever two people who needed to sit and listen and take a lesson from Rand Paul, it’s these two old gas bags.  They need to get their heads out of Obama’s ass and start acting like men.  They are two of the cancer cells that have morphed into the one big tumor that is affecting our Congress and turned it into the disgrace it currently is.  They, and the other “Karl Rove Republicans” are the reasons Obeyme is in the White House again.  They are the epitome of everything that’s wrong with the Republican party, the GOP, that Gang Of Pussies.

And when Lindsey Gramnesty says, following his dinner with Obeyme: “This idea that we’re going to use a drone to attack a citizen in a cafe in America is ridiculous,” my reaction is:  Is a United States Senator who is standing up for due process for Americans ridiculous?  Is the idea that the government would use a drone to attack someone in a cabin on Ruby Ridge, ID, or a compound in Waco, TX, so ridiculous, Senator Gramnesty?”

Gramnesty and the other feckless, weak links in the Republican party who didn’t cancel their dinner with the president and who didn’t rally around Rand to support his courageous effort, need to be counted … and remembered by their constituents.  Both he and McCain have had their days in the sun.  For the good of the country, they should step aside and let the young lions, the true American patriots like Senator Paul, attempt—I say ‘attempt’ because at this point success is not a given—to wrest this country from the grips of its O-hole wannabe dick-tator.  And to all the great Americans in South Carolina:  Senator Gramnesty is up for re-election in 2014.  You know what you must do.

Graham, McCain Blast Paul Filibuster

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