Progressives love skinny people and fat government

The attitude of “what’s yours is mine” was alien to Americans and American presidents prior to the Progressive Era. Yet, this attitude has resulted in ballooning deficits and debts into the tens of trillions of dollars and increased taxation and regulation. Lean years are ahead, not only for this generation of Americans but for generations to come. The requirements to kneel before a nameless and faceless bureaucracy, and foot the bill for its bulging budgets is a clear and present danger to individual liberty.

The freedom to do with your wealth as you wish, the freedom to leave your property to your heirs without penalty, and the freedom to conduct business without cascading red tape are quaint ideas from a bygone era.

Liberty and bloated bureaucracy cannot dine at the same table. One produces, the other consumes. One creates, the other squanders. One made America the envy of the world, the other is making America just another country in the world. And yet, President Obama continues to fatten the federal tapeworm by feeding it a diet rich in taxes, deficits, and debts. And he does this under the cover of the Constitution. By interpreting the Constitution according to Wilson’s method, the hand of government continues to pick the people’s pantry clean.

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