Progressives love skinny people and fat government

Of particular importance to President Obama is the legislative trifecta of the sweeping overhaul of healthcare, the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, and the mushrooming of exhaustive environmental regulation. If Obama is successful in persuading Congress to pass such legislation, America exceptionalism will give way to statism, making us little different than a European-style Socialist nation, ensuring the well-being of every citizen, legal and illegal, from womb to tomb . . . for a price.

But statism—the principle upholding the supremacy of the state over the supremacy of God and His gift of liberty to mankind—is antithetical to our American republic. The Founders envisioned liberty for themselves and their posterity. They risked their lives, their fortunes, and their honor to achieve that liberty. And they established the Constitution to protect that liberty. It is liberty that should be the great aim of our government. Yet, liberty tends to retreat while government tends to advance.

It is now clear that we hold our liberty too cheaply. Too readily have we sold our liberty for the shackles of an ever intrusive and inflated government. The question now is, what, if anything, can we do to recover our former glory as the land of the free?

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