My Adventures on the South Side of Chicago

I love getting away from the computer and going where the action is.

I recently visited the South Side of Chicago to spend time with Paul McKinley, Republican candidate for the seat formerly held by Jesse Jackson, Jr. I visited the campaign office of Paul McKinley and let’s just say it was like nothing I’ve seen in politics.

McKinley’s office is the epitome of unpretentious. One wall didn’t even have drywall. I wasn’t surprised that Paul McKinley didn’t care about pretense.

While at the campaign headquarters, I was joined by a father who had come to meet McKinley, and he brought his five teenage sons. I followed him to a meet and greet where McKinley and his campaign staff were meeting constituents. It was the perfect place to have such an event, too; a place no other Republican would have picked. Mr Gs. Kudos to McKinley for thinking outside the box.

Black people outnumbered white people 100 to 3, and I was told even more black folks showed up after I left. There was no media hoopla over Paul McKinley’s ability to galvanize the denizens of the South Side of Chicago–the place where Leroy Brown got his butt kicked. The black Republican who wants to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr in the 2nd district of Illinois is doing what no other candidate has done in the country, and that is to get black agnostics and former Democrats to vote Republican.

There were street thugs, former Democrat operatives, and you won’t believe this–members of the Nation of Islam, who all support Paul McKinley. I was overjoyed. I spoke with people about Obama, and it might surprise you to learn that the people on the South Side of Chicago can’t stand Barack Obama, and they are angry at Democrats in general.

McKinley can capitalize on this.

Don’t think the Republican Party of Illinois is supporting such a revolutionary candidate, however. Nor is the RNC providing air cover at the national level. No, McKinley’s campaign limps ahead with very little money. Even though Bloomberg is pouring money into his challenger’s campaign, McKinley has respectable polling numbers. Thankfully McKinley is getting lots of support from the Tea Party.

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Another opportunity is being missed by Republicans.

The Republicans have in McKinley a man who can never be called a sellout. McKinley is from the streets, the first “offender,” as in ex-con to get the political nomination of a major party. In the perfect world of Conservatism and Republicanism, McKinley’s past would likely exclude him. But when you get to know Paul McKinley, you know that he has a passion for his district, and his past is what gives him that passion and makes him the ideal candidate.

The Republican Party and the Conservative movement need more flawed candidates…with passion for their communities.

Because of his experience on the mean streets of Chicago, he is pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment. But McKinley is bigger than the gun issue on so many other levels. What I witnessed at McKinley’s event was a man’s ability to get black people who are suffering at the hands of Democrats’ and Liberals’ policies to see them for what they are. McKinley crossed all demographics in his message of fighting against the machine.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to showcase its past greatness by supporting McKinley whose election is less than a week away. Regardless of what they do, I hope that I can get THOUSANDS of you to donate directly to the

as Paul McKinley is the real deal.

McKinley is raw, and he knows the game: he is the type of man needed in DC to shake up the establishment.


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