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Are Politics at Fault for the ‘War Zone at Mile 26?’

For instance, Obama cautioned that “people shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” But, in response to the Henry Gates Jr./Officer Crowley incident, Obama impulsively declared that “the police acted stupidly.”

In yet another racially-charged incident, before “all of the facts” were in, Barack Obama said that if he had a son he’d look like black robbery suspect/subsequent shooting fatality, the hoodie-wearing Trayvon Martin.

A man who frequently jumps to conclusions giving counsel about not jumping to conclusions is a telling example of an individual who projects his own propensity for distrust onto other people. Moreover, Obama clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.

When cautioning again “not to jump to conclusions,” Obama said, “We don’t yet have all the answers.” Whether the president was cognizant of it or not, those words apply to him, a man who thinks he has all the answers but in reality has none.

Apart from Obama’s Boston bombing comments, political irony abounds.  Take for instance the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victims being special guests at the blue state marathon.  While sitting in the bleachers, the already-traumatized parents witnessed firsthand why, despite the gun control they’re peddling in their children’s memory, the last thing Americans need to do is place their hope for survival in the hands of the guy giving them free rides on Air Force One, or the inept government he represents.

Like it or not, politics are integral to what some are calling “The War Zone at Mile 26,” because Barack Obama has been so busy attacking the prosperous, he hasn’t had time to make sure our enemies weren’t packing ball bearings into pressure cookers and placing them in garbage cans on streets teeming with pedestrians. Not to mention all the time he has frittered away fundraising, hobnobbing with glamorous celebrities, vacationing, golfing, and defending his easily-offended personhood whenever he feels he’s been insulted.

The truth of the matter is that the Boylston Street calamity is more about politics than not.  If the partisan hack at the helm spent as much time facing down terror as he does worrying about green energy, exonerating illegal aliens, spending other people’s money, advocating for free birth control, and punishing the rich, there’s a good chance there wouldn’t be three dead, “so many people without legs,” and others in medically-induced comas.

Contrary to those who disagree, what took place in Bean Town has political underpinnings because William Richard, the father of Martin Richard, the little boy killed in the blast, was a pillar in the community of Dorchester.  Tragically, William’s politics couldn’t save his precious little boy, nor prevent his 7-year-old daughter Jane and wife Denise from being gravely injured.

On the night of the bombing, the Richards’ Carruth Street home had a candle burning on its front steps.  The torch softly illuminated a sign endorsing a Democrat member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Linda Dorcena Forry.  Forry is seeking the nomination in the May 2013 special election in hopes of succeeding state Senator Jack Hart.

The politically active Richard family supports a candidate whose record shows her priority was a buffer zone around abortion clinics. So politics certainly do play a part in all of this, because there’s a good chance that this family, as well as the rest of America, would not otherwise be experiencing “A plague a’ both our houses!”

If Forry and the president for whom the Richards likely voted in 2012 had focused more on defending the people of America than protecting abortion clinics, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

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