Atlanta Wackademics Cheat to get Paid!

Atlanta Teachers CheatingWho is responsible for cheating black children out of an education? Black people.

What happened in Atlanta happens all over the country, and that is cheating in wackademia. The fact is that Liberals who run this system have NO intent on educating kids. The education system is a scam, a money grab. The Department of Indoctrination is a more fitting description of what Liberals call education. And the indoctrination is not only for the students. It’s for the “teachers” as well.

As the Atlanta cheating scandal showcases, cheating is part of the system. All the way down the food chain these so-called educators are rewarded for manipulating the system they control. The more you cheat, the more money you make. They then complain later about the lack of results and ask for more money to fix it. Nice job if you can get it.

When they get caught, the first thing they do is cry racism.

Ironically, at a time when black parents in Atlanta should be standing up for their children, they are crying racism against the teachers. This is because the system is bigger than the scandal when it comes to supporting Liberalism. Liberals black parents throw their children to the wolves of wackademia in order to protect the wolves. And these wolves are black.


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