Backstage at Hannity

I was invited by The Hannity Show to participate on a panel discussion of black Conservatives.

The show airs tonight, and I predict the show will be one of Hannity’s best. I did a similar show with Beck, when he was on Fox News, and that certainly launched Beck’s career! {chuckle}

The show idea was from my friend, Deneen Borelli, who believes that black Conservatives have the best chance of changing things in America, under the circumstances. Hannity recognized that black Conservatives catch H-E-double crooked socks, thus the show came off.

I wasn’t aware the Dr. Ben Carson would be there. Having just seen him at CPAC where he was under “lock and key,” it was good to actually get to spend non-stalking time with him.

Kevin with Dr. Ben Carson

I wanted people to know what goes on behind the scenes at events like this, while simultaneously answering questions that other people are too afraid to tackle. Like this burning question:

Here is the entire panel, and as you can see this is a good looking group of black Conservatives, from all walks of life. There was a young woman there who is a Lesbian, and another student who is working on her PhD in Sociology.





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