Biden Compares Guns to Driving a Ferrari


Yet again Biden has said something super stupid that will most likely go unchallenged by the media.

According to Biden, owning a gun is like “driving a Ferrari.” Stats show approximately 84M Americans have driven a Ferraris.

And if anyone would know about driving a Ferrari, it would be a plagiarizing, pretentious, out of touch, racist, Democrat blowhard. Ironically, that makes Biden Democrat intelligentsia.

Instead of exposing the lists of patriotic Americans who have conceal carry licenses, how about the FBI expose the list of Liberals who own Ferraris? The closest the average American gets to a Ferrari is when they are near a posh restaurant where valets are all too happy to showcase their patrons’ exotic cars.

Or if you happen to fork over $15 to get a peek at a Ferrari 458 Challenge at a car show. You know…where Liberals purchase their “assault vehicles.”


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