Boston Strong: Reflections of a Native Son

I, for a second, almost yelled at the screen “get the hell out of there”. We have been warned about sporting events being targeted for terrorism. We have been warned that there could be more than one device to target the first responders after the initial attack.

“Get the hell out of there.” I said out loud. I was mad, I was scared and upset and I wasn’t even there. I could not imagine what those people were thinking.

Then the screen got blurry. Signal feed? Smoke? It was neither. I had a tear in my left eye. I quickly took a deep breath. Why in the hell am I starting to cry? I am sitting at my desk 3000 miles away. I took a deep breath and went to work.

I started doing as much research and note taking as I could, knowing this would be the main topic of this weeks show. I watched, took notes, listened to police scanners and tried to busy myself. I texted friends and former co-workers, making sure they are ok, and trying to get information. I paid attention to any and all updates, all the time fearing that there would be another attack. I was afraid? Why?

Then, I realized something. I was 23 when 9/11 happened. I was young and had more testosterone than I could manage. I wanted to find who did it right away and get them, like the rest of the nation did. Yes, even you liberals, I remember even if you’ve forgotten.

But this time it was different. Sitting here now, 2 days later, I want to get the cowardly piece of filth who committed this attack more than I can express. But then? Watching it unfold…I just wanted it to stop. Seriously, I just wanted nothing more than the attack to stop. We were fortunate, it did.

As I get older, like the typical man I am, I can’t bear to witness innocent people attacked. It sickens me. If two people want to drag themselves behind a bar and fight? Fine. If someone wants to take on an equal in manner that is agreed upon? Great. But to attack a crowd of unarmed people celebrating? Women, children, men just walking around enjoying what was supposed to be a day of fun, family and friends–attacked in a manner so cowardly? The perpetrators weren’t there in person to detonate the devices. I hate it. It makes my stomach turn.

I then realized why I was so emotional. Someone, and hopefully we will know soon, has attacked my home…Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. It doesn’t matter who attacked us or why (yet), or where the attack took place: as a nation, we were attacked. Sure, the attack took place in Boston, but it is felt throughout this country. We are all impacted.

We were all a little Bostonian on April 15, 2013.

And while I am a 2nd amendment loving, states rights, Anti-socialist, Constitution loving American, the key word is American. Boston is part of America, and part of us all. We were all hurting on that day; we were all effected by this in some way. That is why I was so sad.

We can get into the politics of it all later, and we can discuss blame and intelligence and all that. But for now, remember your fellow Americans who were attacked. Remember, that we are such a great nation, there were hundreds of non-Americans visiting us that were attacked while on OUR soil.

Remember, this could have happened anywhere in this county at any time. It was my “home” this time, but it could be yours next. Remember the victims of this attack, and their families. Remember who we are, and find our commonalities in this time of tragedy. We are the United States of America first, political parties and all else second.

Which brings me to the this.

There are two liberals that I cannot STAND politically, who have spear-headed a fundraiser for the victims in their family. Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass) and Mayor Thomas Menino (D-Boston) have started The One Fund Boston and are in need of donations to help the victims and families of the attack. You can also find a link on our page Sack Heads Radio and on our facebook page.

Now, normally I would make a snarky comment about “Free em all” Deval and “Mumbles” Menino finding ways to tax us to the poor house. I mean, over at the Sack Heads Radio Show that is what we do, right?

But not now, not for this. They are doing what is right, and what is needed. It even proves that once again, the kindness and generosity of people will always be more than what you can tax out of them, and the spirit of our nation will never be broken.

To all of the victims, heroes, families and friends back home, I can tell you stay “Boston Strong” this entire nation is with you.


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