Fattening Frog for another Snake?

Breast enhancementOur little Charlie Brown has grown up…and he wants his breasts back! The guy who was the voice of Charlie Brown in the first “Peanuts” television specials, Peter Robbins has pleaded guilty to threatening and stalking his ex-girlfriend. And then he did the same to her plastic surgeon. You would think that the 56-year old Robbins would have accepted his fate. Every man knows that you should not give body part enhancements as a present to a woman with one exception: Your wife of 20 years who has birthed two or more children–YOUR children–who deserves a lift…pardon the pun!

Plastic surgeons should be required to find out the funding origins for breast enhancement surgeries.

“Mr. Robbins, I need to make you aware of the hazards of purchase. This purchase is NON-refundable. And you should know that once a girlfriend gets her new enhancements, she will realize you were only the VOICE of Charlie Brown, and NOT Charlie Brown? In other words, Mr. Robbins, your girlfriend WILL leave you and some other man will get the benefit of the  enhancements for which you will have paid?”

I say to Liberal men, those who enjoy “eye-candy” hanging off their arms, learn this lesson.  Don’t give breast enhancements or any other body part enhancements to anybody other than your life-mate, less you run the risk of fattening a frog for another snake!

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