Chicago’s Violence Tax

Until they Left gets the guns, they will tax the guns. This is little more than poll tax, a way to keep poor people–those most likely to revolt–from gun ownership. Why the ACLU isn’t taking up the case against nonsense like this is ridiculous. The idea of taxing gun ownership is asinine.

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If I were wounded by someone with a gun, I’d sue Cook County, my case being that their $25 fee prevented me from gun ownership. Essentially what Cook County is saying is guns are for those who can afford them. The rest of you just get yours on the street.

Further, do you think criminals will pay the “violence tax?” Law-abiding citizens will be paying the violence tax, which makes sense; because everything else in the Liberal world is flipped. I wrote a while back that VICTIMS should pay for such nonsense. By not owning a gun, you cost the nation money, i.e. protection by police, investigations by police once a crime is reported, hospital costs, etc. Victims are expensive.

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