Hollyweird Crackheads and Cracked Heads

Crack head ChappelleIn case you wonder how Hollyweird is so wrong–as in Left–politically, well the answer could be in their latest pursuit to get Obama to change the drug policies.

Look, I’m a Libertarian when it comes to drugs, in that I can’t force you to choose the right path, so who am I to deny you the right to fry your brain. Drugs are natural in nature, so if somebody wants to get high, all they really have to do is take a walk through the woods and find some ‘shrooms. Then of course there are the chemists who will figure out a way to use drugs no matter what. That said, the fact is that drugs lead to destruction.

There are plenty of examples too. Society is full of crackheads, crack hos, heroin addicts, and yes recreational drug users who are headed for destruction as well. Hollyweird is full of such failures, which is why they want government to condone their idiocy. And who better!

This represents a great opportunity for government to get in on the drug trade. Truth be told, they are already in on it.

Alcohol is a mind-bending drug and the Fed knows that cigarettes are deadly, but they love the revenue and the constant recompense from lobbyists on both sides of the issue. We have seen states loosen laws on marijuana usage, essentially legalizing it under all circumstances. I see Liberalism at play and thus the writing on the wall.

If you have property and want to grow and smoke marijuana, grow poppy seeds, or have a meth lab for your use and you want to hook up your friends, who am I to regulate you, Ruby Ridge? But don’t expect society to pick up the pieces in your inevitable fall.

America doesn’t need any more drug-addicted actors attempting to set policy. Hollyweirdos use their hallucinogenic drugs, then want us to believe we are the “out of touch” proletariat. Wake up and smell the…oh forget it…those cocaine burnouts can’t smell anything anyway.


More than 100 people in the entertainment industry are joined together to ask Obama to change the Drug Policies and Punishment: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_ENTERTAINERS_OBAMA_DRUGS?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2013-04-09-05-37-23

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