Michelle Obama: One ‘Busy Mother’

If anyone was wondering of late why Michelle has been sporting a youthful set of bangs, vacationing by herself, dancing to “All the Single Ladies” with Jimmy Fallon, or using exercise as an excuse to practice pole dancing moves, the truth may finally be out.

Seems Barry and Shelly may have gone the way of that other blissfully happy political power couple, Hill and Bill.

Recently, during an interview with a CBS affiliate in Vermont, Mrs. Obama, referring to herself, said, “Believe me, as a busy single mother — or, I shouldn’t say, ‘single.’ As a busy mother.”

Oops! Doesn’t a smart woman like Michelle realize that there is a big difference between “single” and “busy?”  Guess she does, because the first lady quickly corrected her Freudian slip by saying, “Sometimes when you’ve got the husband who’s president, it can feel a little single, but he’s there.”

Did Shelley mean to say “he’s there,” or he’s “out there?”  Or did she mean to say that while “he’s there,” it feels like he’s not there?

Either way, despite the peculiar blunder, the first lady did get the “mother” part correct.  She also got the “busy” part right, because if there’s one thing that’s true, Ms. Michelle Robinson-Obama is one busy-body-mother.  As for the “single” part, was that a slip of the tongue, wishful thinking, a throwback to 2000 when she allegedly threatened to divorce her loser husband, or did she accidentally blurt out factual, top-secret information?

After all, a happily married woman with children would not mistakenly call herself “a single mother,” especially if the man that woman was married to was every single girl’s supposed dream man, Barack “I’ve got a crush on” Obama.   Besides, referring to herself as a “single” mother, busy or otherwise, is a gargantuan gaffe.

Then again, it does sort of explain why Michelle’s face oftentimes seems to reflect an unhappy state of mind.

All the same, after correcting herself and quickly moving from the Ms. column back into the Mrs. column, Michelle said:

As a busy working mom, and before I was in the White House, I was in that position as well. Working, driving kids to practice, not having enough time to shop or cook. Not having the energy. Resources weren’t the issue, but time and energy is key.

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