Michelle Obama: One ‘Busy Mother’

What?  In addition to forgetting she’s married to the same man for almost over two decades, did Michelle also disremember that while living at 5046 South Greenwood Ave in Chicago, Sam Kass, White House Assistant Chef and the Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives, did a stint as Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s personal chef?

With Sam onboard it’s highly doubtful that at any point an exhausted Michelle Obama pushed around a shopping cart with a bum wheel, carried or unpacked her own groceries, or sweated over a pot while mashing boiled potatoes.

Adding to her amnesia, was that tactless “resources weren’t the issue” comment.  Apparently, Mrs. Obama is oblivious to the reality that thanks to her could-be ex-husband/could-be still husband, for most Americans struggling just to make ends meet, resources are very much the issue.

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Mrs. Obama’s suggestion that she’s a “busy single mother” completely overlooked the presence of Grandma Marian. Did Michelle forget that her mother, Marian Shields Robinson, also known as Mrs. Robinson, lives high off the American taxpayer too?  Wasn’t the original reason Grandma moved into the White House to help Sasha and Malia – when not on vacation in the Bahamas or Sun Valley, Idaho  – “get acclimated?”

In addition to her mother, the first lady also has butlers, chefs, personal assistants and staff at her disposal, and whether Michelle and Barack are cohabitating or not, her vision of a “busy mother” is a far cry from the lives of truly dog-tired women juggling jobs and raising children.  Most women in America stretch a dollar with Hamburger Helper, not Wagyu steak, and do it while working a full-time job, scrubbing toilets, laundering clothes and shuttling mini-vans full of prepubescent children to soccer practice.

Understandably, Michelle’s “busy mother” remark was her attempt to relate to hardworking American mothers she could never and would never actually relate to.  As for portraying herself as a “busy single mother,” compared to real-life “busy mothers” single or married, unless it’s parties with Hollywood friends, high-priced vacations, or elegant Vogue photo shoots, “busy mother” Michelle isn’t busy at all.



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