NBC Attacks Obama – Was This Racist?

NBC has gone rogue, and quite frankly racist. Most people missed this, and don’t expect the lamestream media to point out their “racistness.” That’s MY job. But here it is.

Savannah Guthrie interviewed Barack Obama and in her hard-hitting journalistic style, she asked the following:

“What did you think of her [Michelle Obama’s] mom dancing?”


Now how racist is it to ask a half-black man of his fully black wife’s ability to dance? Guthrie didn’t DARE treat Obama like a REAL president and ask questions of the economy that is in triage, the ballooning national debt, the massive budget deficit, runaway unemployment, the global threat of thermo-nuclear war, home-grown liberal terrorism, the immigration policy that allows terrorists into the country, then funds them to BOMB US.

No, Guthrie was sinister in her handling of the Affirmative Action president, and her racist query continued in her followup question:

“Do you have dad dancing that can give it a run for its money?”

Obama explained: “You know, she consistently maintains, and I don’t argue with her, that she’s a better dancer than me….And in private, you know, I can bust a move and I think I’m pretty good.”

Who puts a half-black president on the spot like this. Everybody knows Barack only has HALF the dance genes of Michelle!

After grilling Obama on his “dad dancing,” Guthrie further pressed him on his moves:

“I heard a rumor of Gangnam Style around inauguration at the White House. Can you confirm?”

Obviously embarrassed by the barrage of racist comments, Obama replied:

“I can confirm that. Fortunately, we destroyed all the tapes.”

The most transparent administration ever admits to destroying the tapes of his dancing. You can bet he did after this racist interview.

But at least Obama didn’t have to field the questions posed of fully white presidents…Republican presidents.


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