Negro is the new N-Word?

Geraldo Rivera is still seeking the loot in Capone’s vault.

According to Rivera, using the term “illegal alien” is like using the word “Negro.”Here again the Left is trying to make something out of nothing, and in order to do that they must change the lexicon.

I use the term Negro all the time when discussing Liberals, because I find most of them to be “silly Negroes.” I even use the word “N*gger,” though I usually pronounce it “N*igga,” and I use this in describing people of all colors.  Believe it or not, people still use the terms, particularly Liberal black people. Guilty white Liberals attempt to mitigate their racism by using the term, “N-word” which is tantamount to saying “N*gger” in the first place. Such is Liberalism. Liberals attempt to FIX a problem, by creating new ones. Silly Negroes!

As for Rivera and his issue with the term “illegal alien,” he needs to just OWN IT. If you sneak into this country, you are an illegal alien…a trespasser. Right now we are battling against the Left and their attempt to remove yet another term from the 1st Amendment right of free speech. Rivera wants to use NEGROES in order to make that happen. Unwitting Negroes make useful idiots when arguing for inane policies.

I will report back on the NAACP’s response to this new revelation.

Listen to the exchange between Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly from Geraldo’s radio show below:


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