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Florida Planned Parenthood is opposing HB1129 which would guarantee babies who are born alive following failed abortion procedures would be given medical and legal protection.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, killing about 300,000 babies per year (of the 1 million aborted annually). Though they often claim to be a “full-service” health provider for women, the bulwark of their bottom line is money from abortions, not other testing or services. And don’t be fooled: Planned Parenthood is ALL about the bottom line!

So strong is the agency’s “anti-baby” philosophy, that even the murder of a child, completely out of the birth canal and fighting to live, does not give them pause.

President Obama was known to vote against the same type of pro-life bill in Illinois while a senator in that state.

Bill sponser Rep. Cary Pigman, R-Avon Park, said:

“The state has an interest in people who are incapacitated. This bill is intended to guarantee all respect and humanity to an infant that’s born alive, regardless of how it entered this world.”


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