Obama Leaks Next Steps on Guns (Video)

Obama will tell you what he wants to do, and he is always transparent.


In order to know what Obama is up to, rere’s what you do.

First you listen to what he promises he WON’T do. Then you know what he really plans TO DO! In the case of gun control, he promised, “I don’t want to take your guns away from you.” For your first lesson, I will translate:

Obama wants to take away your guns with all his might, and he will use every trick in the book, including violation of the document he was sworn to uphold to do so. AND he will use YOUR money to market his message of gun confiscation. FURTHER, he will circumvent all legislative processes to make sure that he gets your guns. In the interim, as you fight passionately against his inevitable gun grab, he will tax you into oblivion, making you squeal in pain for being a patriotic gun-owning American citizen.”

How did you do in your translation?

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