Peaceful Potheads Gone Wild

Co pot rallyHoly Woodstock, leave it to the peaceful tolerant Liberals to shoot up their celebration of the legalization of recreation marijuana. Let’s file this in, “Something else that has never happened at a Tea Party!”

At a gathering of potheads, it was reported that shots were fired at the Denver event on Saturday, and two people were injured. The celebration was held on 4/20, the date commemorating the celebration of cannabis, and the legalization of recreational marijuana. Who said marijuana makes you 4-20 friendly?

The shooting was a gender-equality shooting as one man and one woman were shot, and so was a dog.

No details have been released on the ethnicity of the victims, the dog, or the shooters at this point. According to reports, there are one or two suspects in the shooting, and police are hopeful for pictures or video from people filming the event on their cell phones. One would think that in an expected crowd of 80,000 potheads, someone hopefully caught the perpetrators on camera.

CO pot gathering

It appears that even potentially being shot won’t deter people from trying to smoke away their sorrows in Obama’s economy! Apparently the shooters wanted a better deal on pot, and where better to gank somebody, than at a pot gathering!



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