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Racist Democrat Political Tricks

For the media, Democrats often accuse Republicans of suppressing the vote, by either gerrymandering or imposing voter ID cards.

Because the black guy who was hurt was of the wrong political persuasion {ahem} Conservative, don’t expect any fallout over the cheating by racist Democrats. Oh sure, they are with the law, but so was slavery at one time.

What am I talking abou? The evidence in Romo v. Scott discovery shows that the top Dems in Florida, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, signed off on gerrymandered maps.

CJ Ciaramella wrote in her Florida Free Beacon piece:

“For several months the Florida Democratic Party has engaged in a legal fight over redistricting in Florida,” Florida Democratic chair Rod Smith wrote to a representative of the Teamsters Union in March 2012. “We believe that Florida can be turned from red to blue if we are successful in our efforts.”

Democratic consultant Brad Wieneke described the gerrymander in one email chain on Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, which Slate has called the 23rd one of “the most gerrymandered congressional districts” in the country and which Wasserman Schultz represents in Congress.

“They want to scoop as many Jews out of Tamarac and Sunrise as they can,” Wieneke wrote.

The redistricting maps were created by Democratic consulting firm NCEC Services to be shown to the DNC general counsel.

Ciaramella continues:

The maps were drawn up by party strategists to maximize Democratic performance in the state while hewing to recently passed amendments in Florida that prohibit gerrymandering.

It would seem DWS has been a very busy girl, signing off on the maps that slice and dice counties and towns to weight in favor of the Dems.

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