Ricin Terrorist is a Democrat

Ricin suspect - DemocratWhile I was in DC, this place was on lockdown. Cabbies everywhere were having to detour me, and we didn’t know why. Well in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Fed has now SPRUNG into action all over the country, acting like they can protect you. It is no different in DC, and as it turns out, letters with ricin, a deadly poison was sent to Congressmen.

The person who sent these letters as it turns out is a Democrat. Think Chrissy Matthews or the other Liberal pukes will tell you that this domestic terrorist (like MOST domestic terrorists) is an Obama-loving, freedom-hating, anti-America Liberal Progress Democrat roach?

Read more about DEMONCRAT Paul Kevin Curtis here at Lady Liberty. Oh, and note that Curtis thinks he’s a Christian!

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