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Supporting is Costlier than Deporting Illegals

These days, $135 billion is a chickenfeed compared to the money Barack Obama throws around.  In fact, based on the ineffectiveness of the $787 billion dollar stimulus, the money that accomplished nothing would have been better spent capturing and shipping out America’s entire illegal immigrant population – an achievement that for that amount of money could have been done six times over.

In truth, Barack Obama had other priorities for the $787 billion that was handed him eight days after he took office. Some of those pressing concerns included things like:  Two million dollars for researchers from the California Academy of Sciences to go to islands in the Indian Ocean to study exotic ants; a dog domestication study at Cornell University; and sending students from Montana State University to study dinosaur eggs in China.

And that list goes on.  One can’t help but wonder whether any of those ant- or dinosaur-egg students who were sent to the islands in the Indian Ocean or China were children of Indian or Chinese illegals, going to college for free?

Nonetheless, in support of the UN’s global warming initiative, Obama also donated billions in non-stimulus money.  In addition, in his 2013 State of the Union address he proposed a $100 billion federally funded pre-K program where children can begin the liberal indoctrination process at the age of three and four, instead of six and seven.

In July of 2010 the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released the findings from a study detailing the financial burden that illegal immigration places on the American economy at the federal, state, and local levels.

The grand total came to $113 billion annually for everything from police to education to social services. That means that although it would cost $135 billion to deport every single illegal in the country, since Obama bequeathed $100 billion to the UN, we’ve already spent almost three times that amount supporting undocumented usurpers.

Simple math proves that the deportation of 11 or 30 million illegals, whichever you prefer, would pay for itself in a little over a year, saving billions, maybe even trillions of dollars in the long haul.  That kind of an investment would send a firm message to the world to respect our borders, and give America back to Americans and law-abiding immigrants entering the nation through the proper channels.

With Democrats in control, warranted deportation is not likely to happen, because liberals believe that despite breaking the law, illegal aliens come from close-knit families and work hard, which by any nation’s standards is an absurd justification.  Instead, liberals believe that lawbreakers should be rewarded with all the benefits, and more, of those being forced to support them.

In addition to all those excuses, the left also believes that the same illegals to whom they want to provide free tuition and free healthcare are impossible to find.

The left seems determined to destroy this nation.  They’d rather spend $113 billion a year to support industrious wrongdoers than make a onetime payment of $135 billion to send illegals back to their homeland, forcing them to get in line like everyone else.

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