Using The Politically Incorrect M Word [Muslim]

By Michael Beckman

Some might criticize those of us who call the bombers of the Boston Marathon, radical Muslim terrorists, but  they were terrorists and they were radical Muslim extremists.

I know many people on the left will say that their religion should not be mentioned because that had nothing to do with their act of terror.  They will say they were terrorists who just happened to be Muslim. [i.e., the religion being just a coincidence]

But let’s face reality here.

If these same two brothers from the Russia/Chechnya region of the world were Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. they would not have committed this act of terror in our country. Sorry, but that statement is based on common sense reasoning.

Except for Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, bombings to create terror in the world [for more than a decade] have been done almost exclusively by jihadist Muslims. That is a fact. That does not make all Muslims terrorists or even a large minority of Muslims terrorists.

While you can say the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful people and would never commit these horrible acts of violence, at the same time it’s a hard fact that more than 90% of terrorist bombings the last couple of decades have been perpetrated by Muslim extremists.

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