When Children Get the Trust Fund

Facebook has lots of data, lots of money, and it’s being run by a CHILD.

America is in the same position. And now the two children are partnering, as Zuckerberg, the billionaire Leftist and co-founder of Facebook, has started a new political advocacy group that plans to spend millions of dollars to shape the way you think.

In case you don’t think Zuckerberg and Obama are tied at the hip, then consider the name of his new group: Fwd.us.

Their plan?

Fwd.us plans to lobby for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, investments in scientific research and higher educational standards. I’m shocked he left gun control out of the mix.

The news gets worse. Zuckerberg has a cabal of Leftist idiot billionaires, all of who know more about us than our families.

Here are some of his (and Obama’s) partners: Google Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Marissa Mayer.

Fwd.us has raised $25 million and hopes to double that amount. It has hired a high-powered team of consultants and lobbyists on both sides of the political aisle to help press the technology industry’s agenda in Washington, and don’t think the technology industry’s agenda won’t bleed into YOUR agenda soon enough. Think the Left will criticize the Big Money agenda coming from this group of Leftist billionaires?

Lucky for this big money group, they are dyed-in-the-wool Lefties, and thus immune from MSM and Progressive criticism.

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