Liberals Allowing 16-yo to Vote in MD Town

Liberals are devious, and this may take the cake.

Takoma Park MD, a MD city just outside of DC, is lowering the voting age to 16. My question is, “Why not make the voting age 10?”

The “geniuses” on the Takoma Park City Council voted 6-1 on Monday to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in city elections starting in November. I guess they don’t have enough Mexicans?

I can’t wait until the kids in this town vote for things like strip clubs AT the schools or to cut out school altogether. Wait, that would be a GOOD thing, given the state of education. What if they decided to limit the age of the sheriff or the mayor to 25, not wanting any “old people” serving in office?

The council also voted to allow convicted felons who have served their time to vote.

Their rationale for these BOLD moves at rigging elections? Councilman Tim Male, who voted for the measure, told WJLA-TV that elected officials are trying to make it possible for more people to be part of the city government.

The lone councilmember to vote against the measure wanted the issue put to referendum. Do you really need to be told that Tahoma Park is a liberal enclave? 17,000 idiots…breeding.

There should be a law against Liberalism.

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