A Prayer for Our Nation

Few, if any, know the name of Elias Boudinot.

We know Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton, but Boudinot . . . no, we don’t remember reading about him in American history.

It’s understandable, but unfortunate because Boudinot served as the President of the Continental Congress in the waning years of the Revolution (1782—83) and was a committed follower of Jesus Christ. As far as the Founding Fathers go, Boudinot was, in fact, one of the most outspoken men about the importance of religion to the health of our civil union.

In a personal letter written in 1784, Boudinot passed on this advice about prayer:

Set aside some time in every day . . . if it is but five Minutes, to lift up your Heart to God in Secret. This may season your whole Time & put you on your Guard against Sin of every kind, even in the wandering of your Thoughts. Be not content to live one day, without some sensible Communion between God and your Soul. Learn the sacred art & Mystery of making Religion, or daily converse with God, an agreeable Business. It ought to be the most cheerful & delightful part of our Time. To have God, who is Almighty, all wise, all good & merciful to go to as your constant Friend, as your continual Benefactor, as your Safeguard & Guide it should, it must sweeten every bitter Draught of Life.

Boudinot’s words are worth heeding personally, but also nationally.

We should pause everyday and remember to lift our country and her leaders before God’s throne of grace. Perhaps we just might taste and see that the Lord is indeed good, as He sweetens the bitter draught in our nation.

So, on this day of national prayer, let’s cease our activities for five minutes and offer a petition for this great country of ours—and if you’re struggling to shape the words of a prayer, you can adopt these.

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