Allen West on REAL Courage

Allen WestMy friend Allen West posed a question I am sure many of you were asking yourselves:

Is Jason Collins’ “coming out” more courageous than what American’s fighting men and women face daily?

7 NATO military personnel were killed in Afghanistan, 5 of whom were Americans. Here’s what Obama didn’t say during his press conference about these truly courageous persons.

General Abdul Razeq, police chief inKandahar, said that “five American soldiers were killed at about noon when their armoured vehicle hit a powerful roadside mine in Maiwand district.”

I saw no mention of the service of these military personnel in Obama’s press conference, nor are they a footnote on this press conference briefings. Obama didn’t return to the podium to address the courageous Americans fighting to protect us. These people are just doing their jobs, products of “workplace violence.”

In case you are not getting the picture here, America has a Commander-in-Grief who believes it more courageous to come out gay, than it is to protect this nation. How can he protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic when he acts like an enemy, foreign and domestic?


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