Black Rapper Creates Racist Commercial for Pepsi

Tyler the creatorPepsi commissioned a black rapper to make a commercial to sell Mountain Dew, the brand that Pepsi markets as radical.

When Tyler the Creator made the commercial, it was a bit too radical and violated Pepsi’s politically correct sensibilities, as the commercial was indeed racist. How ironic!

Tyler the Creator made a commercial where a goat is in a line up with black guys (all members of Creator’s band). A battered white woman is made to select the culprit who gave her the beatdown.

Art imitating life is simply too much for the politically correct Pepsi to handle.

The irony of this is that Tyler the Creator perpetuated the stereotype that black men beat woman (in this case a white woman), and that goats are the equivalent of humans. The fact that Pepsi contracted with a black rapper to sell soda perpetuates the stereotype that Liberal companies have one expectation of black rappers.Don’t tell the truth about the world.

I agree that the commercial was in poor taste, but then again so is contracting with a rapper to create a commercial for you. What did Pepsi think they were going to get? Since you asked…here’s my guess.

Pepsi figured they would get a plethora of scantily clad babes waiting on some blinged out thugs. The hoodrats would show up in their phat rides and wearing necklaces and sporting diamond-studded grills and ears. Because that’s how all young black gangsta’s roll.

The Leftist universe is certainly in order. Read more at Conservative Byte

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