Breaking News: Benghazi Scapegoat Identified

VictoriaNulandThe lamestream media is finally picking up the Benghazi story. They could not continue to ignore it, so they are doing two things.

First, they are floating trial balloons that will protect both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama must be protected, because he is their investment. Almost every Liberal politician is so tied to Obama that it would be impossible to distinguish them. This was orchestrated to get total obedience. Live and die with the Head Negro In Charge.

Protecting Hillary…well that’s simple: she paid her dues, and Liberals need a 70-something old white woman to follow behind a failed black man. The Women’s Movement will have done what it has been doing for decades…destroying black people.

After the trial balloons go over like a fat Chippendale dancer, the Liberals will go to the 2nd part of their strategy: introduce the scapegoat.

Read this article, and see if you can find this strategy in play? Spoiler alert: the scapegoat is Victoria Nuland.

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