Chris Matthews Show Cancelled

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews’ Sunday program, The Chris Matthews Show has been cancelled.

The final episode will run on July 21 to a viewership of…Chris Matthews’ TiVo.

The idea that Chris Matthew could compete with the venerable Sunday line up with what is described as a DC-based public affairs program named after Chris Matthews was ridiculous; but such is NBC and the world of Liberalia.

In what other media described as the “long running show,” was little more than NBC throwing lots of crap against the wall, hoping it would stick.

For those who might wonder, MSNBC has renewed Matthews’ Hardball, but then again what else can they do. MSNBC’s slogan should be “All Obama…All the time!”

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Matthews says that he was forced to abandon a syndicated column in order to host The Chris Matthews Show in 2002.

“I will miss having the weekend show just as I missed having the column, but I can’t do everything and still do what I have to do well,” Matthews concludes.

The fact is, Matthews doesn’t do ANY of it well.


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