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First Black President Makes Racist White Woman’s Dream Come True

Is Barack Obama really black?

His love affair with the taxpayer-subsidized abortion provider Planned Parenthood suggests he has it in for his own people. Why doesn’t he care that PP’s founder was a radical racist eugenicist?

Last Friday, Obama became the first sitting president to address a Planned Parenthood national conference. In his introductory remarks, Obama paid homage to a “health clinic” (one of his many euphemisms) which opened in Brooklyn “nearly a hundred years ago.”

Since he was being careful with language, Obama didn’t bring up PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who along with her sister and a friend started the Brooklyn clinic he referenced.

Perhaps the current Kermit Gosnell horror trial in Philadelphia made Obama reticent to speak on an unrevised history of abortion rights. But the truth is that Sanger established the American Birth Control League (ABCL) in 1921 — the antecedent to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America — and preventing births was only half the picture.

Read full article at American Thinker.


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