God’s Role in the Oklahoma Tornado

Connie Taylor Parson grew up in the Midwest and has seen many tornados.

In the wake of Monday’s Monster Oklahoma tornado, I asked our Facebook fans if they had ever been in or near a tornado and to share their experience.

Connie responded, “They are fascinating, powerful, awe-inspiring, beautiful, ugly and terrifying…all wrapped up in one swirling force! They can give you a helpless feeling, realizing there is nothing you can do to control them. The best you can do is to be prepared and take cover. They are short-lived, and the sun will shine again.”

Reading her statement and watching this coverage has reminded me of how powerful our God is. I have lived a lot of my life with crippling anxiety of anything and everything. But, more recently, God has given me the blessing of that “helpless” feeling that Connie describes.

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