Gosnell Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder!

The jury has ruled and there is justice: Abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty on 3 counts of murder and 1 count of manslaughter.

Perhaps only partial justice, however, since Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia has been a house of horrors since just a fews years after the wrongly-decided Roe v. Wade. But better some justice, however late, than no justice. And now, at long last and in spite of the Main Stream Media hyper-vigilance to mute the story, many Americans have heard and seen the gruesome details of just one butcher amongst an industry of many such so-called “Doctors.”

Here’s hoping that this trial lifts the veil on the tawdry abortion industry–killing babies for profit decimates the soul of a nation and wounds the hearts and spirits of women who have made such an ill-decided choice.

The Philadelphia jury will decide the punishment tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14th. All indications point toward the death penalty, and the judge, barring an extraordinary provision, will follow the jury’s recommendation.

More on the decision.

For more background on the Gosnell case:


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