Guess Who Obama Blames for Benghazi?

The Obama administration NEVER ceases to amaze. In what has to be the most ridiculous comment and most desperate suggestion to date, Jay Carney blames a man who everybody knows had nothing to do with the Benghazi attacks.


The fact that Carney would event mention Mitt Romney, should have every American asking the Secret Service to locate Obama’s balls and deliver them to us–that is if he had any.

To hear Jay Carney explain it, Mitt Romney participated in the PLANNING of the attacks, then led the charge!

The idea that this White House believes the American public would buy this tells you all you need to know. Obama and his minions believe the American people are unimaginably stupid, which of course is true for people who voted for Obama. But the rest of us see the panic that is happening on the Left. Honestly, the guilty white people who just wanted to give the new black guy a try should be ashamed of themselves. They should now see that they have a president who takes NO fault for anything.

There is always a rich white guy waiting behind the curtain to be blamed.

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