Hillary’s NEW 3am Call

KillaryHillary Clinton’s now famous “3am phone call”–ironically, around the time the Benghazi situation was brewing–commercial could easily be represented in this graphic.

It appears that even at regular hours, Hillary doesn’t seem to answer the phone, at least not as long as her “legacy” is in question. In her now infamous comment, “What difference does it make…?!”, America got a glimpse of continuing the legacy of Liberal rule.

We know that as our Benghazi embassy was under attack, Obama flew to CA to party with “Che-Z” at a fundraiser. And when the cat’s away the mice will play, because Hillary hung up on the ambassador on her team, and left 4 men behind.

Is that what Liberals call leadership?

The Left wants to dismiss this as much ado about nothing, but it’s our responsibility to remind them of the truth. Leftists can and WILL abandon you in your time of crisis. They will party while you die. And they will hang up on you at 3am.



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