IRS Gets Security Against the Tea Party

If this ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. The IRS wants security against the Tea Party.

How’s that for trying to “flip the script.” America’s  legalized extortion division (aka the IRS) wants you to believe that they are the ones being intimidated.


Because last Tuesday, all across the nation IRS offices were picketed by members of the Tea Party, which was their Constitutionally-protected right to peacefully protest the IRS for being targeted for intimidation.

The Tea Party–which has had no hints of violence, unlike the Occupy Wall Street crowd–marched against the very thing that formed the movement: Big Intimidating Unaccountable Bloated Government.

As you watch this short video, consider the lack of security for Benghazi on Sept 11 to protect Ambassador Stevens (and others), and the amount of security provided to IRS officials for peaceful and patriotic group like the Tea Party.

You should certainly get an understanding of what the government values most.

Big Government in America is the deadliest entity.

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