IRS Makes “Creepy” Demands Of VA Tea Party (video)

The IRS is no friend of the working man, and of late has been used as a weapon to rein in patriots–especially those members of the Tea Party.

Executive director of the Richmond, Va., Tea Party, Laurence Nordvig knew for two years the tea party had been singled out by the IRS for an unusual and highly political investigation. Beginning in 2010 the IRS has asked Nordvig for 500 pages of documents, including all email solicitations and personal solicitations to members.

“It got creepy, to be honest with you…that they we trying to really ferret out exactly who we are, who we know, and the kind of questions that you might think…um…a secret police might ask”

Watch this short CBS video (kudos to MSM for daring to air this!):

Here is the letter sent to Laurence Nordvig on January 9, 2012: 



Full letter PDF here.



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