Jesus VS. Muhammed! (UPDATE)

Our friend Steven Crowder is at it again!

Watch as Steven compares the 2 great religions: Christianity and Islam. Then go to the video posted yesterday of the horrific, brutal hacking-to-death of an alleged British soldier by 2 jihadis in the UK. Wow. Steven is very funny, but the point he’s making is very literal–Islam glorifies the murder of infidels!

“Though Jesus was never married, Muhammed’s seemingly favorite wife was Aisha, who…was around 6: though to be fair, he only consummated when she was 9.”

“Jesus, a servant, never fought a battle, never owned a slave and never killed a guy! Not only did Muhammed do so, but he actually felt that it was his divine calling to kill non-Muslims and had murdered people who insulted him.”

Watch and be prepared to laugh!

Now watch the Jihadis Slay Alleged Soldier in the UK video!


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